Apple CEO Tim Cook indicates big plans for AI this year

Apple CEO Tim Cook indicates big plans for AI this year

Apple’s big boss Tim Cook hinted that they are delving into artificial intelligence (AI) this year. At the annual meeting with shareholders, he said that Apple is fully interested in AI because it has the potential to change the way we do things, from speeding up work to solving problems in new ways.

Cook added that Apple products are already “smart” thanks to AI without our knowledge

While tech giants such as Microsoft and Google are rapidly implementing artificial intelligence into their products, Apple is in no hurry to do so properly. Cook noted that Apple’s gadgets are already smart thanks to artificial intelligence without our knowledge, but they plan to demonstrate even more of this technological magic soon. He is particularly proud of the fact that Apple computers are top-notch for AI and says there is nothing better.

But not everyone agrees on how secretive Apple’s AI work is. The AFL-CIO, a labor group, wanted Apple to disclose how it was using AI and make sure it was doing it right. Although a large portion of shareholders liked the idea, it did not get enough votes to pass. This debate sheds light on a broader discussion about how to ensure the fair and proper use of artificial intelligence, especially when it comes to copyright and respect for authors.

Apple claims that keeping its AI plans under wraps is crucial to staying ahead in the technology race. The company also recently suspended the development of an electric car as it refocused on AI. As we wait to see what Apple’s leap into AI will look like, the question of how tech companies balance innovation with ethical concerns remains a relevant one. Only time will tell!


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