AOC AGON GAMING 24G4XE gaming monitor goes on sale in the UK and Europe

AOC AGON GAMING 24G4XE gaming monitor goes on sale in the UK and Europe

AOC has introduced AGON GAMING 24G4XE gaming monitor in the UK and EU markets. The new model has an affordable price and is one of the cheapest in the G4 series of gaming monitors. However, it has decent features and functionality, including a 180 Hz refresh rate.

In addition to the AOC AGON GAMING 24G4XE, there is a larger monitor, the AGON GAMING 27G4XE. The 24G4XE is an iteration of the previous 24G4X model released earlier this year. It features a fast 23.8-inch IPS panel. The monitor has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (1080p) and a refresh rate of 180 Hz. The GtG response time is 1 ms, the peak brightness is 300 nits, and the static contrast ratio is 1000:1.

The AOC AGON GAMING 24G4XE comes with a different stand than its predecessor. AOC claims that the new monitor has a simple stand design, which means that it can be tilted, but cannot be swiveled, rotated, or adjusted in height. AGON GAMING 24G4XE supports Adaptive Sync and NVIDIA G-SYNC technologies. DisplayPort 1.4 (x1) and HDMI 2.0 (x2) ports are provided for connecting the monitor.

AOC AGON GAMING 24G4XE is slightly cheaper than its predecessor. It costs 139.99 pounds sterling ($178) in the UK and 179 euros ($195) in the eurozone. It comes with a 100 x 100 mm VESA mount for use with an external stand. The new AOC AGON GAMING 24G4XE gaming monitor will be available to customers by the end of May 2024. There is currently no information on the global availability of the new AGON GAMING 24G4XE monitor.


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