ANC headphones will be able to track your heart rate

ANC headphones will be able to track your heart rate

The tech space is exploding with many innovative products and features. A new report indicates that Google is working on the possibility of adding heart rate monitoring to ANC headphones.

Currently, the pair of wireless headphones does not have the ability to monitor heart rate. Google claims that it is possible that ANC headphones will be able to track your heart rate on the go without any additional sensors. Audio plethysmography technology sends a low-intensity ultrasound signal from the earbud’s speaker. The earbuds’ microphones then pick up the response. This allows the earbuds to analyze the heart rate. There are a number of mathematical principles underlying this technology and they were covered in a scientific article.

The possibility of using wireless headphones with heart rate monitoring is exciting. It gives people who don’t want to wear a smartwatch the ability to measure their heart rate on the go. There are many mechanical watch enthusiasts who are unwilling to trade in their traditional watches for a technologically rich smartwatch. The technology will utilize the hardware already present in today’s wireless headphones and will not require any major changes. It may only require a software update to activate the heart rate monitoring feature.

There is no indication yet as to when the new heart rate monitoring feature will be available in ANC headphones. However, the technology will have to go through all levels of regulatory approval before it is allowed for commercial use.


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