AI-based Griselda system collects intelligence data

AI-based Griselda system collects intelligence data

The members of the defense-tech cluster Brave1 have developed the Griselda system based on artificial intelligence for intelligence gathering. The development team cooperates with several units of the Armed Forces, the SSU, and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The Griselda product specializes in high-speed and high-quality processing of large data streams, secure storage, and automation of data entry and transfer processes. Automatic analysis modules and neural networks are involved in the processing of information.

The system processes thousands of messages – from satellites, drones, social networks, media, hacked enemy databases, etc. It takes 28 seconds from the time the information appears in the system to the time it is received.

Griselda спеціалізується на швидкісній та якісній обробці великих потоків даних

The technology is integrated into Delta’s situational awareness system. It has also been integrated into the Bronia, Kropyva, Ukrop, and GisArt apps already used by artillery and tankers. The system will be used by other units in the future.

The quality of the information is ensured by 4 levels of verification.

“We know that the end user has very limited time to think about and analyze information. That’s why we have to analyze everything on a turnkey basis. This is a huge responsibility of the team, and everyone is aware of it,” the developers say.

Modules for automatic decryption of radio messages, scraper bots, modules for instant viewing of the selected layer with a limited number of devices are just some of the system’s short features.

Griselda is just one of the unique developments to help defenders. If you are already working on projects in the defense sector, submit them through Brave1.


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