Advanced AI tools can be a huge problem for jobs

Advanced AI tools can be a huge problem for jobs

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman revealed his “wildly ambitious” plans for the development of artificial intelligence just a few months ago. He was looking for trillion-dollar investments to improve chip technology and, in turn, accelerate the development of artificial intelligence. However, a few months after unveiling his ambitious AI plans, the CEO shared his concerns about jobs and the economy amid the rise of AI tools during a Brookings Institution discussion on AI and geopolitics.

More advanced AI tools could lead to massive job losses in the near future

When asked what he thinks about how disinformation created by artificial intelligence could affect the election, Sam Altman shared his concerns about another issue: the future economy. “Right now, my biggest concern is the nature, speed and scale of the socio-economic changes that could happen and how they will affect what’s going on,” said the CEO of OpenAI.

His discussions focused on how artificial intelligence could lead to massive job replacement and impact the economy. He wonders what could happen if people don’t think seriously about the current situation. GPT-4 still didn’t pose a significant risk to jobs, he says, and that got people thinking: “Well, we were too worried about it and it’s not a problem,” he said. “I’m afraid that we’re just not going to take this problem seriously enough in the future, and it’s a huge, huge problem.”

According to a study by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) earlier this year, advanced artificial intelligence technologies could affect about 60% of jobs in advanced economies. Reportedly, almost half of these jobs could be automated, which could lead to the massive job replacement Altman spoke of.

In an interview with CNBC last year, he said he was “a little scared” of ChatGPT because it has the potential to eliminate certain jobs. While tools can assist people in their work, potentially helping them do more in less time, they can also replace people from certain jobs entirely. Some company executives also confirmed that they have replaced certain functions with AI to increase productivity and efficiency.


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