Acer unveils new Ryzen-based laptops with a special AI button

Acer unveils new Ryzen-based laptops with a special AI button

Acer has recently announced two new laptops – Swift Edge 16 and Swift Go 14, which are powered by the latest AMD Ryzen 8040 processors. These devices are designed to efficiently perform artificial intelligence tasks thanks to special neural processors. With features aimed at improving online communication, such as reducing noise and background blur during video calls, they are designed to make virtual meetings more comfortable.

A special AI Button activates Microsoft Copilot

Both laptops are equipped with high-quality OLED screens, Radeon 780M graphics, and can have up to 32 GB of RAM. The heart of these machines, the Ryzen 8040 chip, is particularly popular for its AI capabilities, which promises faster performance in AI tasks than previous models.

An interesting addition to these laptops is a button that activates Microsoft Copilot, which allows users to ask questions directly to artificial intelligence. This feature uses cloud services to provide answers, meaning that the laptop’s AI does not work in isolation.

Security was not overlooked either, thanks to the inclusion of Microsoft’s Pluton security processor, which is aimed at protecting confidential information from cyber threats.

The Swift Edge 16 focuses on the balance between power and portability. Its 16-inch screen delivers a crisp, vivid image without weighing down your laptop. The Swift Go 14, while smaller in size, offers the same performance and screen quality and aims to be just as portable despite being slightly heavier.

Acer plans to launch the Swift Edge 16 in March for a starting price of $1,300, and the Swift Go 14 in April for prices starting at $700. These laptops are Acer’s response to its competitors’ AI products, offering advanced features in a user-friendly package.


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