The A4Tech FX51 is an extremely compact wired keyboard that works with Windows or MAC PCs, offering an interesting scissor-style keycap, quick access to 12 multimedia and Internet functions, fast and stable connectivity, and many other features. If you’re looking for a new keyboard that meets the above criteria, here are my reasons for choosing this model.


But let’s talk about everything one by one. The model is delivered in a compact cardboard box with a rather strict and at the same time laconic design, combining several colors, an illustration of the gadget plus, of course, a considerable amount of various data concerning the capabilities and features of the product.

As for the latter, I personally advise you to familiarize yourself with this list even before unpacking, because it is a really informative “guide” that will “tell you” what the gadget can do. And we’ll see how well it does everything, below.

Information from the box walls

I personally liked the design of A4Tech FX51 already on the picture from the front wall of the box. Yes, it does not convey all the details, because there is something interesting below. Nevertheless, you can get acquainted with the appearance of the keyboard or the front part in the smallest details – in this regard, the picture is very informative. In addition to it, there is the model name, a footnote indicating what kind of device we are dealing with, the brand logo and some other interesting things.

Behind it, in the form of a small comparison table, is the functionality of 12 multimedia and Internet functions, which can be accessed using FN + F1-F12 combinations for Windows or MAC. A scenario of keyboard usage is also illustrated, a list of key features and capabilities is presented in the form of thumbnails with explanations, and specifications are also provided. In a word, to some extent I repeat – it is worth attention.


Package contents

  • A4Tech FX51 keyboard;
  • removable USB C cable;
  • warranty card;
  • user manual.

Technical characteristics of A4Tech FX51

  • Interface – USB;
  • Key shape – ultra-thin;
  • Key mechanism – scissor;
  • Key travel – 1.8 ± 0.3 mm;
  • Hot multimedia keys – 12 Fn;
  • Protection against moisture;
  • Dimensions – 124x285x17 mm;
  • Cable length – 150 cm.

Materials used in the case

Probably, I should confess here – having taken the keyboard in my hands for the first time, I, for some reason, thought that the top part or the panel – as it is more convenient for anybody, was made of aluminum. Both the appearance of the product and the weight noticeable to the hands are proof of this. And although we are actually dealing with plastic, it does not “spoil” the overall impression of the design – it looks expensive, stylish and reliable.

The lower part of the case, along with its thickened section, is also made of plastic.

The keycaps are also made of plastic.

Among other materials, it is worth noting the metal edging of the USB C port, as well as anti-slip pads that prevent movement and vibration of the keyboard during operation. The latter are made of silicone and are located around the perimeter of the bottom of the case.

The detachable cable has soft polymer insulation, kink protection at the junctions with connectors, and a medium memory effect. Thus, you will definitely not have any problems with the most convenient arrangement of the latter for yourself, and I had a lot of time to make sure of it personally.

Build quality

What is worth knowing?

First of all, the materials used are of excellent quality. I twisted and turned, squeezed, tried to bend the product, and so on. However, it was not successful. Although the case is quite thin, only 17 mm, you won’t feel any crunching or creaking, as proven by my own experience.

The second is the assembly format. The upper “silver” panel is put on the lower one in its own way. The sides also cover the side edges, and as a result, there are no seams at the joints of the parts from below, which is a huge plus both for the appearance and protective features.

Speaking of protection. The manufacturer declares protection against moisture. It is not specified at what level, but I had no problems with a few drops spilled by accident.


For the appearance, plus to the karma of the designers. Bribes! It really impresses, and without reservation. It’s neat! It’s stylish! It’s a strong and clear expression of yourself, emphasizing that you like it when both functionality and appearance are successfully combined. I would also add the following.

Personally, I think that even a wired keyboard today should no longer be a lifeless object for “three cents” as it was 5-7 years ago. Yes, of course, such things still exist, have their users, and therefore are unlikely to disappear in the near future. But catch yourself thinking – are you comfortable with it? Doesn’t such a keyboard look as if you were offended by fate itself?

The conclusion, in my opinion, will be obvious. Well, if so, maybe it’s time for a change…


The connection procedure takes half a second or a second, but no more. Personal result on Windows. I did not have the opportunity to connect to a MAC.

Placement of keycaps on the button stroke

A4Tech FX51 is a keyboard for journalists or people with professions that involve working with arrays. It is convenient without any conventions and similar “things”, it is not just comfortable to work with, it is a pleasure to work with – and when you enjoy your work so much, the results will be appropriate.

Ultra-thin keycaps for fast and comfortable typing. Personally, I would say that the fit is even slightly smaller than in my ASUS laptop. Is it a disadvantage? Not at all – it was not difficult to move to the FX51 from the above-mentioned layout for a second.

As for the silence of the keyboard, as declared. Here I will say the following – quiet operation should not be confused with silent operation, because FX51 does not work absolutely silently. The noise, in my opinion, is somewhere at the level of noise when laptops are working.

Stroke accuracy. In this regard, I had no questions, the implementation of the scissor mechanism speaks for itself.

Conclusions and summary

A4Tech FX51 is worth your attention. This is an interesting combination of style, functionality, and ease of use that can not only increase your productivity but also emphasize your good taste in things of this format.

A4Tech FX51 cost 999 UAH (∼27 USD).


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