A quarter of Ukrainians prefer remote work

A quarter of Ukrainians prefer remote work

Rakuten Viber conducted a survey among Ukrainians to find out their attitude to remote work. About 30 thousand users took part in the survey on the official Viber Ukraine channel.

The results of the survey showed that 24% of Ukrainians prefer working from home, as it allows them to concentrate better and set their own pace.

On the other hand, almost one in five respondents face difficulties working remotely: 2% of respondents manage only through self-discipline, while 15% are always distracted by other things at home. Also, 9% of Ukrainians said that they are comfortable working in any mode, as it is convenient to change places for different tasks. For 4% of respondents, it does not matter where they work. The remaining respondents (46%) do not work remotely.

How do you work remotely?

The answers to the question “How do you work remotely?” were distributed as follows:

  • At home it is easier to concentrate and set the right pace – 24%;
  • It can be difficult at home, but I manage thanks to self-discipline – 2%;
  • It is convenient to be both, because it is comfortable to change places for different tasks – 9%;
  • It is better in the office, I am always distracted at home – 15%;
  • I don’t care where I work from – 4%;
  • I do not work remotely – 46%.

Research methodology: anonymous online survey, n>29,000.

It is worth noting that in June 2023, Rakuten Viber conducted a survey to find out how the work situation has changed for Ukrainians and in what mode they work. At that time, the share of respondents working only offline was 59% (22% worked online, and another 19% worked in hybrid mode).


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