Prices for Vivo X100 Ultra, X100s, X100s Pro have been leaked before launch

Prices for Vivo X100 Ultra, X100s, X100s Pro have been leaked before launch

Vivo is all set to launch the Vivo X100 Ultra, X100s Pro, and X100s on May 13 in China. A new Weibo post by user Experience More has revealed the prices of all three phones well in advance of the launch. Judging by the image below, it looks like the starting price for the S series remains unchanged, while the models with more storage may see a slight increase of one to two hundred units compared to the X100 and X100 Pro, which officially launched in November 2023. This adjustment is likely due to rising costs associated with memory and flash memory components.

Vivo X100 Ultra (rumored)

The top-of-the-line Vivo X100 Ultra with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage along with satellite connectivity will cost 8,499 yuan, which is equivalent to about $1,180 USD. The 16GB + 512GB RAM variant will cost 7,499 yuan (about $1,040), while the 12GB + 256GB variant is a more affordable alternative at 6,699 yuan (about $930). The leak also states that it will go on sale on May 28.

Vivo X100 Pro, X100s price (rumored)

In comparison, the Vivo X100s Pro will be available in similar configurations as the X100 Ultra, but at slightly lower prices. The 16GB+1TB variant will lead the way at 6,199 yuan, which is about $860, followed by the 16GB+512GB model at 5,599 yuan, which is about $775. The 12GB+256GB iteration will cost 4,999 yuan, which is roughly $695.

The Vivo X100s will be available in four variants, starting with the 16GB+1TB version that will be priced at RMB 5,199, approximately USD 720, while the 16GB+512GB and 16GB+256GB variants will be available for RMB 4,699 (~US$650) and RMB 4,399 (~US$610) respectively. A 12GB+256GB version of the X100 will be available for 3,999 yuan, which is roughly equal to $555.


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