OPPO A60 gets shock resistance and a Splash Touch display

OPPO A60 gets shock resistance and a Splash Touch display

Today, OPPO AED Ukraine presented the latest smartphone in the A-series, the OPPO A60. With its premium and ultra-rugged design, OPPO A60 is certified to the US military’s shockproof standard.

The ultra-bright 950 nits display with Splash Touch provides enhanced image quality and a seamless experience in all your everyday situations.

With increased storage and a 5000mAh battery with 45W SUPERVOOC fast charging, OPPO A60 delivers smooth and stable performance with exceptional efficiency, making it the perfect companion for everyday work and play.

Stylish, practical and durable design

Following the iconic slim and light design of the OPPO A series, the ultra-thin OPPO A60 is just 7.68mm thick and weighs approximately 186g. With its sleek rectangular frame and 2D flat back, the phone is comfortable to hold in any situation.

The stunning design of the A60 comes even more alive in two exquisite color schemes: Ripple Blue and Midnight Purple.

Ripple Blue is a unique design with magnetic particles that gives the phone a special texture reminiscent of the shimmering blue waves of the sea. Midnight Purple creates a contrasting look with a shimmering, ever-changing shade of dark purple. Both models also feature a double circle camera design in the oval decorative area, which further emphasizes the premium nature of the flagship’s back cover.

This stunning design is also complemented by exceptional reliability and durability. Tested to rigorous standards, including repeated high vibrations in three dimensions (X, Y and Z), withstanding 5000 kilometers of bumpy roads in the car without accessories and 26 drops from a height of 1.22 m in various positions, the A60 demonstrates its exceptional durability while continuing to function flawlessly. Thanks to this durability, it became the first in the industry to be certified to the US military’s impact resistance standard.

OPPO A60 отримав ударостійкість і дисплей із Splash Touch

Next-level display with Splash Touch technology

OPPO A60 is equipped with a new ultra-bright display with a high refresh rate and Splash Touch. The display’s peak brightness in sunlight reaches 950 nits, which is 39% higher than the previous generation of devices, making it easier to view content on the phone while outdoors, even in bright sunlight. The 6.67-inch screen also supports refresh rates of up to 90 Hz, enabling users to enjoy a smooth viewing experience at all times.

The OPPO A60 is IP54-rated for splash protection, and is also the first smartphone in this price range to feature industry-leading Splash Touch on its display. Using an advanced touch recognition algorithm in the touch chip, the A60 improves touch clarity and responsiveness on wet screens, ensuring that users can continue to use their phone as normal in the rain, while cooking or working out at the gym.

45 W SUPERVOOC and 5000 mAh battery

The ORRO A60 is equipped with a large 5,000 mAh battery with a 45W SUPERVOOC TM fast charging function. This combination allows you to charge the battery to 50% in just 30 minutes. The battery is also designed to remain in optimal condition for up to four years of use, meaning users can continue to enjoy the A60 for longer without worrying about having to replace the battery.

In addition, the A60’s smart charging feature makes it easy to monitor battery health and prevent premature aging by optimizing the charging process to suit the user’s individual needs and phone usage habits.

Smooth operation with a large memory capacity

At the heart of the phone is the 6nm Snapdragon 680 mobile platform, which increases performance by 10% compared to previous generation phones while significantly reducing power consumption. With 8GB of RAM and 128GB/256GB of ROM, OPPO A60 offers more memory and storage than other competitors in the same price range.

Utilizing OPPO’s RAM expansion feature, an additional 8GB of temporary RAM can be converted from unused ROM memory, allowing you to keep even more apps running in the background while ensuring smooth transitions when switching between multiple apps.

On the software side, the Trinity Engine in ColorOS 14 delivers even smoother and more stable performance by improving the management of hardware computing resources through advanced computing power models.

Thanks to these hardware and software updates, the OPPO A60 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM has passed the OPPO 48-Month Fluency Protection test, which ensures that the phone will provide long-term uninterrupted performance for at least four years of regular use.

Improved sound

OPPO A60 is equipped with dual stereo speakers that deliver a fuller, richer sound experience. In noisy environments, the A60’s high volume mode allows you to boost the phone’s speaker volume by up to 300%, allowing you to hear ringtones clearly, so you’ll never miss an incoming call.

It also allows you to double the maximum volume of the earpiece during calls, so you can always hear the conversation loud and clear.

Powerful cameras

With a 50MP triple camera, a 2MP portrait camera, and an 8MP selfie camera, the OPPO A60 makes it easy to take stunning, high-quality photos.

Combined with features such as Portrait Mode, AI Portrait Retouching, and Dual-view Video, the A60 lets you create crystal clear, natural-looking portraits and captivating videos that bring your creative ideas to life with just a few simple taps of the screen.

Availability on the market

OPPO A60 smartphone is available in Ukraine starting June 27 in Ripple Blue and Midnight Purple colors.

The price of OPPO A60 8/128 GB at the start of sales is UAH 7999 ($200), and OPPO A60 8/256 GB – 8999 UAH ($225).

Look for the new product on the websites and stores of our partners: oppoua.com, Comfy, Citrus, Foxtrot, Allo, KTS, Epicenter, Rozetka, and others.


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