Ukrtelecom has implemented Onion ID technology from myGaru


Ukrtelecom has implemented Onion ID, a unique technology for managing user data in the online environment by myGaru. It is a dynamic ID with controlled access and cryptographic protection based on an innovative user identification technology that is independent of third-party cookies.


Based on the current legislation, European regulators care about the privacy of users on the Internet and require Google to block the use of third-party cookies in the Chrome browser. This means that the main way to identify users and collect information in 2024 will become unavailable to advertisers and content makers (media, websites, gaming platforms, etc.).

Earlier, back in 2020, Apple blocked the use of third-party cookies in the Safari browser to enhance user security. Another popular browser, Mozilla FireFox, did the same.

The security of user data and its use by third parties is the number one issue in the world of online privacy protection. In particular, it is about the need for clear regulation of how third parties can process information about users, as well as the need for the latter to be able to decide how and where they are identified.

Existing solutions, such as data from the user’s browser, are not able to provide either the appropriate level of data protection or the cross-platform user identification required by advertisers. In these circumstances, a solution based on the infrastructure of an Internet service provider becomes the best option.

Implementation at Ukrtelecom

European authorities have done a tremendous job of regulating the use of Internet users’ data. The usual ways of processing information in the digital advertising market, based on the uncontrolled use of static identifiers (third-party cookies, mobile device ID, IP addresses), are no longer working.

This was stated by Vitaliy Morozenko, founder and CEO of myGaru.

“Through cooperation with telecom operators, we are creating an alternative space that respects online privacy. With our technology, the Internet user is able to directly influence how he or she is identified,” he said.

On the other hand, he said, the company is launching a new technological era for advertisers with a wide range of personalized cross-device brand experiences.

“The main change is that respect for user privacy is not just a legal obligation for advertisers, but is embedded in our system at the level of basic technology and is a condition for access to the platform’s capabilities,” Morozenko added.

Ukrtelecom has implemented Onion ID technology from myGaru

An example for other providers

“Thanks to the partnership with myGaru, which was launched on our infrastructure first in the world, Ukrtelecom will be able to contribute to the security of personal data of users in the Ukrainian Internet space,” said Igor Yaremchuk, Ukrtelecom’s Deputy CEO for Commercial Affairs.

In his opinion, the uniqueness of Onion ID technology will contribute to the development of the telecom market as it offers an alternative to the monopoly of global players undermined by regulators and will allow Ukrainian Internet providers to generate additional revenue.

He hopes that Ukrtelecom‘s innovative example will serve as an impetus for other Ukrainian Internet providers. The more companies implement this technology, the more attractive it will be for advertisers, and thus more profitable for the entire telecom market.


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